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If you have old pipes, or find yourself in a situation with no water coming from your faucets, or flooding within your home, you can trust our experts at Anthem Plumbing to repair or replace those aging, damaged pipes. Our technicians will determine the health of your current pipes and offer the proper, and most affordable solutions that suit your home’s needs. The technicians will complete pipe replacement and re-piping services with video technology to ensure they get high-resolution images to detect the exact location of the problem area. Our technicians have the training and experience in pipe repairs and can assist you with any problem such as: aging, broken, cracked, offset, collapsed, and bursting pipes.

If your home is older, your aging pipes are vulnerable to corrosion, which weakens the walls of the pipes and makes them more likely to experience breaks, cracks, or accumulated dirt and mineral buildup. The best solution we have to offer at Anthem Plumbing is using newer materials like PVC, CPVC, and copper. These materials are sturdy, long-lasting, and more resistant to corrosion, making them a high-quality and relatively inexpensive option when it’s time to repair or replace your home’s piping.

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The piping in your home was created to be long-lasting, however, you may find yourself with signs of pipe damage. Some things to be aware of which can be a warning of damage: slow flushing drains, repetitive clogs or blockages, low water pressure, increase in your home’s water bill, flooding in or around your home, and water discoloration.

With regular maintenance, and recognizing early signs of damaged pipes, you can take preventative actions to extend the life of your pipes, but when you find yourself with damaged pipes, you can depend on our Anthem Plumbing technicians for quick and comprehensive service.

Pipe Maintenance

The pipes in your home are essential to the overall plumbing system. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get the water your household needs for so many routine tasks such as cooking and cleaning. But because your pipes go through so much use, it is important to have our experienced professionals at Anthem Plumbing maintain and take care of them when the time comes.

It’s crucial to have drain upkeep. Based on the age of your home, the piping may be made of different material. In order to have proper drain maintenance; to prevent further repairs, replacements, and unforeseen costs; it’s important to be aware of the piping material your home uses.

Types Of Drain Piping Seen Today:

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the type of pipes in your plumbing system. It will help you understand the probable causes of a given problem and better communicate the issue when you call the experts at Anthem Plumbing for your home pipe maintenance. 

Drain maintenance can include snaking. Our professionals complete this due to a clog in a home drain; clogs can happen due to hairs, food particles, or constantly running faucets at high temperatures and pressure. Most individuals attempt to unclog drains using bleaches and store bought drain cleaners; however these do not always remove the obstructions and can erode the lining of the pipes. 

Another area where precautions should be taken is in the bathrooms: tubs, sinks, and toilets. Don’t flush hair down the toilet, and think about installing a hair strainer for the shower drain; this catches any hair to prevent it from going down. Additionally, the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink should be thought of as a drain facilitator. Large leftover foods should be thrown in the trash, not down the kitchen drain. The garbage disposal can only handle small amounts of grinding of table scraps. The following foods can pose problems for the kitchen sink drain: rice and pasta, oil and grease, fruits and vegetables, and egg shells.

Drain pipe change
Drain pipe change

To maintain the pipes in our home plumbing system it’s critical to evaluate the water pressure; we don’t want to have too much water flowing through our pipes adding strain and making them work harder. Our technicians can add a hose bib gauge to maintain water pressure. We can install water softeners to ensure your home is not using hard water which can cause sediment buildup. Some last minute maintenance items could be pipe insulation to avoid freezing pipes, and tying up the hose systems to avoid any drippage.

Our promise is to provide great customer service on drain pipe installations, repairs, and maintenance. Whenever you have an issue with your plumbing that needs to be remedied, Anthem Plumbing will have the comprehensive solution.

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