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Affordable Pipe Repairs And replacement in Anthem, AZ

You can trust our plumbers to properly install any kitchen and bathroom fixtures and we will do so at an affordable price. Whether you are remodeling, or fixing a clog, our trained and experienced plumbers are here to help. If you are seeking to upgrade your bathrooms or kitchen we can do faucets, showerheads, toilets, tubs, garbage disposals, and water filtration systems. You can maintain your fixtures by removing mineral buildup, using them with care, don’t flush solid materials or use too much paper product, and calling professionals for drain cleaning services. However, if you are in need of plumbing fixture installations, you can give our Anthem Plumbing experts a call.
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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

These little machines get rid of all the unnecessary waste from building up in the kitchen sink. It’s important to use them with proper care and to maintain them so that they will continue to run efficiently for a long period of time. The main function of a garbage disposal is to grind food into smaller pieces so it can travel easier into the sewer line. Oftentimes, if the disposal is overworked it will shut off automatically; it could be due to a jam or faulty wiring. Some common signs to look out for if its time for a garbage disposal repair: foul smells, a blockage, it will not start, constant need of resetting, or its taking longer amounts of time to break down foods.

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Drip! Drip! Drip! A leaking faucet can be annoying to some and can be seen as a water bill nightmare. Faucet repairs can be as easy as tightening some loose fittings, or as difficult as rebuilding the entire faucet unit. Our technicians have the proper tools to get in those hard to reach areas under the sinks, or even in the walls for showers and tubs. It’s important to look at all makes and models of faucets to determine which is best to fit your needs and your budget; some options are: Moen, Delta, or American Standard to just name a few. It may be time for a replacement for a faucet if you have continuous leaking, rust or mineral build up, or sounds emitting from the faucet itself.

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Showers and tubs are a common place to find relaxation before a busy work day, or to wash off a hard day’s work in the evening. Our experienced technicians can install and repair shower heads, controls, and the piping within the walls, so that you can use your bathroom sanctuary quickly. Give us a call if you notice pooling water in the bottom of your shower due to clogged drains, lack of hot water, low water pressure, water leaks, or slow moving drains.