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Why should you become a member of our alliance?

Anthem Plumbing Membership
For $14.99 billed monthly to your card; you will have certified and licensed plumbers who will listen and put your needs first, and provide specific and precise services that you can depend on. This is a relationship between you and Anthem Plumbing to work together for a specific purpose: comprehensive plumbing care. The best way to avoid any unforeseen disasters is with regular plumbing maintenance. By being a member of Anthem Plumbing’s Alliance, you will have trained and skilled plumbing professionals on call, offer you affordable solutions for your plumbing needs, and complete routine system checks on your major plumbing systems within your home to ensure they are functioning properly.

When you make the choice to become a member of our alliance, you will receive the following benefits:

Discount on service calls

Free diagnosis

Water heater diagnostic

Annual flush, check the anode rod, pressurization of storage tank

Priority scheduling

Leak checks

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5% discount on repairs

Reverse osmosis system diagnostic

Reduced after hour fees

Water softener inspection

Home water pressure check

General plumbing inspection

Keep your home protected and avoid costly repairs by becoming a member of our Anthem Plumbing Alliance!

By becoming a member, you will have peace of mind and reassurance because you know we are one call away. As a member, you are a top priority and we will ensure your plumbing needs are taken care of promptly. If you have a plumbing emergency after hours or on weekends, we will be there quickly and provide affordable solutions. You can trust us to provide all your plumbing services in the North Phoenix area!

Become a Member of Anthem Plumbing's Alliance